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TPN Order Search
(screen #012)

This screen is for viewing the TPN order schedule queues and for finding orders.

To use this screen, select the desired schedule queue, order status, enter the search criteria (optional), and click Submit Search.

Order Status

  • "Orders In-Process" - In-Process orders are orders that have been submitted for authorization, have been authorized for compounding, or have had their labels printed in preparation for compounding.
  • "Completed Orders - Today" - Completed orders are orders that have been compounded sometime today (12:01 AM through midnight).

If an order has multiple copies (batch copies greater than one), and labels have been printed or one or more of the copies has been compounded today, then it will appear in the “Orders In-Process” listing with Status as "Printed" until all order batch copies have been compounded.  The order will also appear in the "Completed Orders - Today" listing, with a Status of “Printed” if one or more of the copies has been compounded today.  Upon the successful completion of all batch copies, the Status will change to "Completed".

If an order that has been compounded is later re-opened (for example, for re-processing), then the order status will appear in both the in-process and completed listings.

See also: Wildcard Characters

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